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General Psychotherapy & Counselling

Whether you are dealing with low mood or challenges of managing your work-life balance, psychotherapy and counselling can help to improve your quality of life.

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Trauma Informed Psychotherapy & EMDR

Extreme emotional or physical stress can sometimes cause problems to our nervous system. Trauma informed psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) is drawing from neuroscience to help manage stress responses.

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Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

Binaried, hierarchical understanding of gender, sexuality and relationships causes all sorts of struggles to people who don’t fit into popular narrative (i.e. being male/female, heterosexual, in a monogamous relationship).

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Gestalt Psychotherapy – The Gestalt Approach

Gestalt psychotherapy is a body focused, experimental and relational therapy scientifically proven to be effective for many aspects of human life.

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