Psychotherapy Services

Remote Psychotherapy & Counselling

With the rise of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes more and more challenging to leave the house. This can have a sever impact on mental health and wellbeing. Remote psychotherapy & counselling is a safe and secure way to meet online via video conferencing or telephone. This offers an opportunity to engage in psychotherapy and counselling despite the restrictions.

Remote therapy is highly effective, however, it doesn’t work for everyone. Here are some questions to think about:

Can you safely attend your session without interruptions?

The key to effective remote therapy is that you feel safe when we talk. Therefore it is very important that you can be alone without interruption during the 50 minutes we meet. Think of how you can comfortably attend the session. For example, holding your phone for 50 minutes video conference might cause some discomfort in your arms. Sitting at a desk with a laptop or an iPad in front of you might be more comfortable.

Do you have the technical set-up for video conferences?

For video calls you will need a good internet connection, a device (either laptop, phone or iPad) with a front video camera, microphone and sound. Your equipment shouldn’t be older than 5 years and needs the latest software updates. You also need to be able to install apps on your device. I work with Zoom which can be downloaded from the app stores or if you work on a laptop, it will download a web client. You also need a backup phone number, in case our connection breaks down. If you don’t have the technical setup, I suggest telephone sessions instead.

Is remote psychotherapy right for you?

And finally, remote therapy might not be right for you. If you are experiencing high levels of distress, it would be wiser to meet in person. Also some people may have issues with using technology. In these instances it is good to trust your instincts and to work face-to-face whenever possible.

I currently offer the first introductory session at £30 for those who want to try remote psychotherapy & counselling. Please check out my fees page for further details.

For more information on the coronavirus pandemic please read government guidance.