Anger Management Scale (AMS)

Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?

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1.When my partner picks a fight with me‚ I fight back. *
2.When my partner won’t give in‚ I get furious. *
3.I often take what my partner says personally. *
4.My partner believes I have a short fuse. *
5.I can feel my blood rising when I start to get mad at my partner. *
6.Taking a break from my partner is a good way for me to calm down. *
7.When my partner is around‚ I feel like a bomb waiting to explode. *
8.I prefer to get out of the way when my partner hassles me. *
9.It is my partner’s fault when I get mad. *
10.When my partner is nice to me I wonder what my partner wants. *
11.No matter how angry I am‚ I am responsible for my behaviour toward my partner. *
12.When my partner provokes me‚ I have a right to fight back. *
13.I can feel it in my body when I’m starting to get mad at my partner. *
14.My partner does things just to annoy me. *
15.There is nothing I can do to control my feelings when my partner hassles me. *
16.My partner is rude to me unless I insist on respect. *
17.My partner likes to make me mad. *
18.When my partner annoys me‚ I blow up before I even know that I am getting angry. *
19.I recognise when I am beginning to get angry at my partner. *
20.I am able to remain calm and not get angry at my partner. *
21.I can usually tell when I am about to lose my temper at my partner. *
22.I take time out as a way to control my anger at my partner. *
23.I take a deep breath and try to relax when I’m angry at my partner. *
24.I can set up a time-out period during an argument with my partner. *
25.When I feel myself getting angry at my partner‚ I try to tell myself to calm down. *
26.I often think of something pleasant to keep from thinking about my anger at my partner. *
27.When I’m angry at my partner‚ I try to handle my feelings so no one gets hurt. *
28.If I keep thinking about what made me mad‚ I get angrier. *
29.When arguing with my partner‚ I often raise my voice. *
30.I do something to take my mind off my partner when I’m angry. *
31.When I’m mad at my partner‚ I say what I think without thinking of the consequences. *
32.When my partner’s voice is raised‚ I don’t raise mine. *
33.My partner thinks I am very patient. *
34.I can calm myself down when I am upset with my partner. *
35.When I feel myself starting to get angry at my partner‚ I try to stick to talking about the problem. *
36.I am even-tempered with my partner. *