1.I have felt terribly alone and isolated
2.I have felt tense, anxious or nervous
3.I have felt I have someone to turn to for support when needed
4.I have felt OK about myself
5.I have felt totally lacking in energy and enthusiasm
6.I have been physically violent to others
7.I have felt able to cope when things go wrong
8.I have been troubled by aches, pains or other physical problems
9.I have thought of hurting myself
10.Talking to people has felt too much for me
11.Tension and anxiety have prevented me doing important things
12.I have been happy with the things I have done
13.I have been disturbed by unwanted thoughts and feelings
14.I have felt like crying
15.I have felt panic or terror
16.I made plans to end my life
17.I have felt overwhelmed by my problems
18.I have had difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep
19.I have felt warmth or affection for someone
20.My problems have been impossible to put to one side
21.I have been able to do most things I needed to
22.I have threatened or intimidated another person
23.I have felt despairing or hopeless
24.I have thought it would be better if I were dead
25.I have felt criticised by other people
26.I have thought I have no friends
27.I have felt unhappy
28.Unwanted images or memories have been distressing me
29.I have been irritable when with other people
30.I have thought I am to blame for my problems and difficulties
31.I have felt optimistic about my future
32.I have achieved the things I wanted to
33.I have felt humiliated or shamed by other people
34.I have hurt myself physically or taken dangerous risks with my health