Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS)

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Most persons have disagreements in their relationships. Please indicate below the approximate extent of agreement or disagreement between you and your partner for each item on the following list.

Always Agree
Almost Always Agree
Occasionally Disagree
Frequently Disagree
Almost Always Disagree
Always Disagree

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1.Handling family finances *
2.Matters of recreation *
3.Religious matters *
4.Demonstrations of affection *
5.Friends *
6.Sex relations *
7.Conventionality (correct or proper behaviour) *
8.Philosophy of life *
9.Ways of dealing with parents or in-laws *
10.Aims, goals, and things believed important *
11.Amount of time spent together *
12.Making major decisions *
13.Household tasks *
14.Leisure time interests and activities *
15.Career decisions *

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