Personality Inventory for DSM–5 (PID-5) – Adults

Instructions: This is a list of things different people might say about themselves. We are interested in how you would describe yourself. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. So you can describe yourself as honestly as possible, we will keep your responses confidential. We’d like you to take your time and read each statement carefully, selecting the response that best describes you.

Very False
Sometimes False
Somewhat True
Very True

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1.I don’t get as much pleasure out of things as others seem to. *
2.Plenty of people are out to get me. *
3.People would describe me as reckless. *
4.I feel like I act totally on impulse. *
5.I often have ideas that are too unusual to explain to anyone. *
6.I lose track of conversations because other things catch my attention. *
7.I avoid risky situations. *
8.When it comes to my emotions, people tell me I’m a “cold fish”. *
9.I change what I do depending on what others want. *
10.I prefer not to get too close to people. *
11.I often get into physical fights. *
12.I dread being without someone to love me. *
13.Being rude and unfriendly is just a part of who I am. *
14.I do things to make sure people notice me. *
15.I usually do what others think I should do. *
16.I usually do things on impulse without thinking about what might happen as a result. *
17.Even though I know better, I can’t stop making rash decisions. *
18.My emotions sometimes change for no good reason. *
19.I really don’t care if I make other people suffer. *
20.I keep to myself. *
21.I often say things that others find odd or strange. *
22.I always do things on the spur of the moment. *
23.Nothing seems to interest me very much. *
24.Other people seem to think my behavior is weird. *
25.People have told me that I think about things in a really strange way. *
26.I almost never enjoy life. *
27.I often feel like nothing I do really matters. *
28.I snap at people when they do little things that irritate me. *
29.I can’t concentrate on anything. *
30.I’m an energetic person. *
31.Others see me as irresponsible. *
32.I can be mean when I need to be. *
33.My thoughts often go off in odd or unusual directions. *
34.I’ve been told that I spend too much time making sure things are exactly in place. *
35.I avoid risky sports and activities. *
36.I can have trouble telling the difference between dreams and waking life. *

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