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Ayhan Alman de la Osa
UKCP accredited Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist
Trauma Informed Psychotherapy & EMDR

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Counselling & Psychotherapy | EMDR | The Gestalt Approach

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I am familiar with the life challenges we humans sometimes experience. Many circumstances can cause a great deal of suffering, such as the loss of a loved one, adversity in childhood or later in life, events that cause high levels of stress, or work arrangements that are not aligned with our needs. Over the years of my practice I learnt that a holistic approach to therapy where mind, body and relationships are considered as a whole is effective and helped many clients to feel better about themselves.

I am a UKCP accredited/registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and I graduated with an MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute in London. All services described on this website are offered online / remotely.

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Counselling Services:

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Talking therapies are highly effective in improving wellbeing. My approach is creative and body orientated where I put particular emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. Research suggests that a trusting relationship with your therapist will positively improve therapeutic outcomes.

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Francine Shapiro developed Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) in 1987 in order to treat Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD). Since then, EMDR has been used to effectively treat a wide range of problems.

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The Gestalt Approach

Gestalt psychotherapy is a creative and body oriented psychotherapy approach which has a growing evidence base supporting its’ efficacy. Many difficult experiences are stored in our bodies, and as such understanding our bodies therapeutically is essential to my work.

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Stress Management

Many clients who seek my help experience various degrees of stress from overwhelming past experiences that still impact on them even though the event has passed. These type of problems are often addressed as trauma, which may sound like a big word, but all it means is literally “wound“.

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Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

Working with diversity and difference means to me a capacity to connect in spite of differences in background, orientation, ethnicity, and belief systems. It doesn’t mean that our differences don’t matter, quite the contrary – that recognition and awareness of differences is essential for meaningful contact.

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Psychotherapeutische Beratung auf deutsch

Viele Menschen finden es schwierig mit psychotherapeutisch Arbeitenden in Kontakt zu treten. Daher freue ich mich besonders, dass sie meine Seite gefunden haben. In der eigenen Muttersprache lässt es sich oftmals einfacher reden, besonders über Dinge die einem nahe gehen oder am Herzen liegen.

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